Thursday, June 20, 2013

COMSOL no longer available on Nyx/Flux

Recently we have learned more about the license the University has with COMSOL for their software. This license precludes us installing any COMSOL software where it can be accessed via the Internet. Because Nyx and Flux can be accessed via the Internet using the U-M VPN or one of the ITS or CAEN login hosts, we are not
currently in compliance with the license.

To come into compliace with the COMSOL license, we will be removing COMSOL from Nyx and Flux on June 15, 2013. COMSOL will still be available in CAEN Computing Labs.

At this point, we are unable to provide access to COMSOL on Nyx, Flux, or machines that allow access from the internet at large, even at at one or more removes.

You might want to contact the COMSOL representative, Siva Hariharan <>, and ask them about this. I can't guarantee it, but if a license holder has a license server of their own and requests that we install it but that they will use their own license, we may be able to work something out.

It appears that COMSOL thinks it OK to run it from Amazon, however, if that's an option for you. There is information about that on these pages: and

We have no experience with that, and it appears that you need to provide your own license server, as, at the bottom of the AWS page, it says:

Refund PolicyThis is a BYOL product. See

If you have access to CAEN lab machines, you may be able to use COMSOL on them; if so, the CAEN Hotline can direct you to the highest-powered ones.

If your group has its own network license and license server for COMSOLplease let us know.