Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Nyx/Flux Winter 2013-14 Outage

Nyx, Flux, and their storage systems (/home, /home2, /nobackup, and /scratch) will be unavailable starting at 6am Thursday January 2nd, returning to service on Saturday, January 4th.

During this time, CAEN will be making the following updates:
* The OS and system software will be upgraded. These should be minor updates provided by RedHat
* Scheduling software updates, including the resource manager (PBS/Torque),  job scheduler (Moab), and associated software
* PBS-generated mails related to job data will now be from, rather than the current
* Transitioning some compute nodes to a more reliable machine room
* Software updates to the high speed storage systems (/nobackup and /scratch)
* The College of Engineering AFS cell being retired (/afs/ Jobs using the Modules system should have no issue, but any PBS scripts which directly reference /afs/ will be impacted.
* Migrating /home from a retiring filesystem to Value Storage

We will post status updates on our Twitter feed (, which can also be found on the CAEN HPC website at .