Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Distributed Memory HFSS Simulations (DDM, DSO)

Back in March we gave an updated way to run HFSS when running on a single node. Two things have happened sense then, we were able to get Distributed HFSS software licenses, and we figured out how to make them work.

Rather than post everything here, we have updated our HFSS documentation page.

We are excited about this because it has been requested many times before to enable Domain Decomposition (DDM) for very large models, and we were limited to using the FluxM service just to use the 40 cores/node. Now users who don't need the large memory footprint can use the Standard Flux services and realize savings.

The second group of users are those doing sweeps or sweeps inside optimization problems. HFSS will use the multiple nodes now and farm out different values in your parameter space to multiple nodes at once.  This should be great for those users.

If you want to use HFSS and have questions please contact