Thursday, July 9, 2015

XSEDE, HPC, and BigData for classroom use

For those teaching classes are not that far away for the fall.  Those who teach courses backed by computational needs resources are available for supporting this work.

  • The ARC cluster Flux is available for course work.  Some schools cover the cost or subsidize the cost. 
  • XSEDE (ARC-TS Docs.) is a set of free NSF machines for research as well as teaching.  Teaching allocations can be had very easily but some lead time is required.  Contact for help or questions getting your course up and running on XSEDE.

  • The ARC Hadoop/Spark cluster is still free for any use as an exploratory technology. 
  • The XSEDE Blacklight machine is unique for having 24TB of shared memory. Wrangler is a new cluster built around SSD's and able to run Hadoop and large datasets. 
  • Amazon Web Services (ARC-TS Docs.) supports classroom use for all their recourses including Elastic Map Reduce and others. 


Any questions can be directed to ARC-TS at .