Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Nyx/Flux Summer 2014 Outage

Nyx, Flux, and their storage systems (/home, /home2, /nobackup, and /scratch) will be unavailable starting at 6pm Saturday August 23rd , returning to service on Friday August 29th.

During this time, the following updates have been planned:
* /nobackup access will be removed from Flux, but will still be available to Nyx accounts submitting jobs to the queue 'cac'.  All Flux users currently using /nobackup on Flux should transition their workflows from /nobackup to /scratch/{accountname_flux}/
* The technology-preview GPUs that were available for any Flux account will be removed from service.   Users with GPU-related jobs should transition to the new Fluxg resource
* Software updates including the Operating System (minor updates provided by RedHat), job scheduling system, Globus Connect, and the lustre-based filesystem /scratch
* Hardware maintenance and upgrades on some infrastructure hosts and network
* Flux InfiniBand network routing/architecture improvements
* ITS Facilities will be doing annual power maintenance on the Modular Data Center and ITS Storage will be performing updates to the HPC Value Storage volumes
* Working with UMnet to move Flux to a 100 gigabit backbone connection if available at that time

We will post status updates on our Twitter feed which can also be found on the CAEN HPC website .