Thursday, June 19, 2014

XSEDE Proposal Period June 15 - July 15

The next XSEDE proposal period is currently open. ARC has a page about XSEDE which is a set of national HPC resources that researchers can get time on at no cost.

Those who are interested and want to learn more can contact where you will contact Brock the Campus Champion for XSEDE at Michigan. You can also watch this video about writing a good proposal.

There are three types of XSEDE Allocations:

  1. Startup, up-to 200,000 hours, doesn't require a formal proposal and are awarded on an ongoing basis.
  2. Research or XRAC, can be any number of hours, requires formal proposal. There are four times a year that these are due and awarded.  The current submission period is June 15th - July 15th, and will start Oct 1st.
  3. Education, these are treated like startup but are for support of corse work.  If you would like to use HPC in your course work contact us, and we can get XSEDE time for your class at no cost.